VA - Tid
May 27th, 2008.

MP3, VBR, 37.3MB.

Download: SE or US
"Tid" is a part of a collaborative project between Swedish netlabels and musicians with the aim to release new and contemporary music. Eventually when all parts have been released, a vast and comprehensive compilation will be released on all netlabels involved.

Tid, or "Time" in English, was the overall theme for the project and every artist was allowed to freely interpret it.

This release was the third part of the project.
  1. Minneslunden - Geologisk tid
  2. Tarmskrap - Tid = Illusion
  3. Taper Roller - Tidsperspektiv i ensamheten
  4. Redmalm - Under tiden
  5. Manifesto - Ur led
  6. Hjorten - Den tid det tar