Hjorten - 2009: Year of the Deer
January 14th, 2010.

MP3, 320 kbps, 313MB.

Download: US
2009: Year of the Deer is not only an audible chronicle of the year that passed, it's also a release where Hjorten limited himself to a certain set of rules.

Firstly, each track could only contain sounds recorded and found during the month.
Secondly, each track (except for the sixth and twelfth) would be 10 minutes long.
Thirdly, each track (except the twelfth) would be freely available for three days the following month.

2009: Year of the Deer is a two-hour journey in different directions, often starting with field recordings that twists and turns into something you'd never imagine. Drums, pianos, guitars, popcorn, bdsm porn, cats, beatboxing, the ocean, toilets, people, birds, doors and prayer tapes; nothing is too abstract or too common to be used. But those are not even close to everything that has been used.
  1. January
  2. February
  3. March
  4. April
  5. May
  6. June
  7. July
  8. August
  9. September
  10. October
  11. November
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