VA - 018: Experimental
June 23th, 2009.

CD, 500 copies.
Everything will change in the summer of 2009. Things will never be what they once were.

The reason is simpler than one might think: deersound is releasing its first actual CD, and as if that isn't enough, it contains electronic and experimental music from Uppsala.

It starts with a historical retrospective intro by yours truly and ends in a love-hate declaration by the poet Dag Thelander. But in between, there is music from some of Uppsala's best in their field.

Te och Kaka's playful Game Boy beats go hand in hand with Manifesto's meditative dark ambient while Geld's dirty beatpunk lovingly hugs 0-visionen's danceable electronica.

But of course, that's not all, far from it actually. Why not listen yourself and let the Uppsalistic patriotism invade you ears?

From Uppsala, in the present.

Artwork by Spoon Graphics
Mastered by DJ Lo-kut
Idea, compiled and photography by Hjorten